Who we are

We are a group of like-minded practitioners gathering to build a productive collaborative space for the creation of new work and to explore new ways to work with clay.  We are currently looking for people interested in short term sublets and long term membership. If you'd like to enquire about spaces or join our waiting list, please contact us using the form below.

We are particularly interested in people who would be keen to work together and help build a new community space and to contribute to the development of a public programme to include exhibitions, a residency programme, workshops, talks, pop-up shops, screenings, demos and other events. This function of the space would be limited to a maximum one night a week agreed by all members - to be enriching rather than disruptive.

What we can offer

A bright, self-contained communal studio space with a glass frontage, own entrance, toilet and sinks.

24 hour access for the creation of new work

Co-ownership of equipment and space - members will supply their own materials - use of kilns and firings managed by sign up schedule so members can pay bills in line with usage - complete control throughout the making process.

A community of like-minded practitioners -  An equal footing to learn and explore, organic skills exchange between members 

The opportunity to contribute to and engage with a public events program and to develop the studio as a whole

 Opportunities to bulk buy materials

Option to sell and promote any objects through our website, and contribute to collective participation at markets and events

No maximum usage 

High speed internet

Post sorting, holding and collection service

Reception service 7 days a week


CCTV monitoring

Maintenance and cleaning of communal areas 

Waste collection

 Zipcar membership.


And you?

 We are open to applications from any artists and makers with an interest in working with clay. Our members have varied backgrounds and are not all trained ceramicists. We welcome collaboration and skill sharing.

Some equipment is privately owned by individual members to be shared by the group, naturally this is to be treated and cared for like your own. Most however is jointly owned (and maintained) by all studio members, for this and a deposit on the space we ask for an initial deposit of £400, refundable on leaving the studio. 

After this our studio fees are £170 a month, plus bills split according to usage 

We have no maximum usage quotas, but ask that potential members are willing to work together to use the space collaboratively at any busy periods. Most of us work in clay as a part of a wider practice and as such the space is not suitable for production potters.



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